A Little About Me

I Love…
Family, Bright Cheerful Colors, Being Positive, Diet Coke, Organized Spaces, Late Nights, Dreaming

You might not know…
I met my husband by leaving my number on his car! If you haven’t heard the full story and would like to, be sure to ask me at your next session.

How lucky I feel to have all three of my boys! Due to a medical condition, I had been told it was unlikely that I’d be able to have kids.

You might not believe…
I’m actually rather shy. I whole heartedly believe in pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to accomplish great things.

I live in Washington and do NOT drink coffee!

Bucket List…
Visit Hawaii again. Learn to surf. Go snorkeling. Take my boys to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins. Visit Australia. Sky Dive.

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