After attending ComeUnity (a professional photography workshop) last fall, I set a goal to enter my images into competition. There is a big difference between a competition and a contest. The Shoot & Share photography contest that I shared yesterday for example, allowed anyone to view the photos randomly and vote for their favorites. The photos with the most votes won. The Shuttferfest Image Competition, on the other hand, is scored by professional photographers/judges using the Portrait Photographers Association 12 Elements to a Merit Image guidelines.

The results arrived much sooner than I anticipated and I’m tickled to announce that both images I submitted merited and received Shutterfest 2017 Vision Awards! That means I now get to enjoy the feather in my hat of being an award winning child and pet photographer!

While the peer recognition is extremely exciting, I’m actually looking forward most to seeing the video of the judging. Why?! You might ask. Okay, I might also be a little nervous about the critiques, but my objective in entering the competition was to push myself to grow as an artist, grow as a business owner and grow as a person. I truly look forward to the honest, unbiased and useful feedback I anticipate from the judges.

Thank you to my friends and mentors who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and enter!

Christine David Photography Shutterfest 2017 Vision Award

Christine David Photography Shutterfest 2017 Vision Award

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