Of all the things I get to share, Grow with Me posts are my absolute favorite! After spending hours snuggling with your newborn, I look forward to seeing them again. Truth is I fall in love with them. Who can blame me right?! Long after your session is over and you have your beautiful artwork, I think about you, your family and your sweet baby. So, when parents sign up for my Grow with Me plan, I do cartwheels inside because I know that I get to document these moments that fly by while you are often too tired to thoroughly enjoy them or absorb them completely.

How fast a year passes. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way when you are sleep deprived and up to your eyeballs in diapers. But I promise you, at the end of the year you’ll look back at these photos with wonder.

“Words can’t express how appreciative I am that Christine documented my baby’s first year of life. As Ezra is our last baby, I realized this was my last chance to completely immerse myself in all things baby. The past year has gone so fast, and I will forever be grateful that I took this opportunity to treat both Ezra and myself to these images that mark the bittersweet end of babyhood in our home. At every stage, they are gorgeous: from the squishy, sleepy newborn images to his first-year personality-filled cake smash. Christine is a master artist and truly a baby whisperer.” – Sara

christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_01 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_02 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_03 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_04 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_05 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_06 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_07 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_08 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_09 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_10 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_11 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_12 christine-david-photography_newborn_6-month_first-birthday_maple-valley-wa_kid-photographer_13